#HowTo dominate the creative industry by Galaletsang Dapula


We’ve all been in situations that made us say “kuyanyiwa!” but, as shy she is, Galaletsang Dapula took that energy and turned it into the best plan for world dominance.

Galie’s journey with Umuzi can be likened to a rom-com and like any typical romance, her journey was a rollercoaster ride. She was challenged both emotionally and mentally by the unknown environment, while doing her best to ensure that her son - her inspiration -  is well taken care of. Post Umuzi, she went on to join Joe Public where she missed Umuzi’s loving embrace, but soaked in every moment and lesson she could. She speaks of her time in agency as one of the best experiences she has gone through. However the agency environment is no pap and vleis.

“You need to know who you are,” she says of the agency space, which has challenged her both personally and professionally. She advises all creatives to ensure their work makes noise for them if they hope to make it in the cut throat agency space: “You need to learn how to present your best work without being in the room” (basically, have your cv and portfolio on point). Her advice certainly isn’t falling on deaf ears as we push to become disruptive in our hustles and creativity.

Galie’s take on making it in the creative world is to know who the heck you are while doing the absolute most to ensure that you’re the best in your field.

Galie can be found laughing or working hard to ensure that the people around her have access to the best opportunities possible. From needing a plug to get her career started to becoming The Plug, Galie is plugged in and on fire!

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