China Maseko adds fuel to Jet

Alumni_China Maseko (1).png

All it took was 1 year at Umuzi and 2 months at Joe Public for China Maseko to go from noob to creative lead on the NTK by Jet campaign.

This full-time copywriter, after-hours musician and fine artist, is the ultimate triple threat. But beyond her multi-talented offering, she knows how to put her youth to good use when developing creative concepts for her campaigns. 

"The fact that they picked me for my ideas reassured me because it meant they really cared about connecting to the market and wanted true insights," China states.

She also says that asking as many questions as you can is vital. "First you'll be annoying, then you'll be in the know, then you'll be good to go." Spoken like a true copywriter.

China already has her sites on the next big campaign. And while she takes a breath from knocking ish out the park, she somehow finds the time to own and run a women's-only bootcamp in the East Rand, Eastside Honeys.

Damn girl. Just damn.

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