Food For Thought

A Plate of Nachos for your thoughts?

We set up two opposite creatives (one that’s been in the industry for a while and one that is an aspiring creative) to have a meal together with a side of awkward convo.We gave them the words we gave them the definitions and it was up to them to decide if they were true or not. In a society where we all have our own connotations it's hard to just talk about anything without stepping on a few toes. The  creative industry has more than enough toes to dance over so you better know what you are talking about here and in fact anywhere else !

What a better way to jump into awkward waters than the one thing that gets us all sweating: Sex and sexuality. We all think we have a pretty good idea around what happens between the birds and the bees but do we really? Here’s the facts to turn delicate dialogues into knowledgeable heart-to-hearts.


The talk of the town for a while now, everyone is one without knowing what the word really means. Well, simply put it means that a person is attracted to people intellectually.


No he’s not gay . A metro man is a man that is well groomed and takes pride in their appearance With more than having a strong interest in fashion and not hating shopping , metrosexuality is about breaking gender roles.

Dildo vsvibrator

Misunderstood for years by many,the one vibrates and the other one is a dummy penis. We don’t need to tell you which is which.


Emotional cheating exist, not for everyone but it’s real thing for some. It’s up to you and your partner to set those boundaries as there nothing worse than feeling irrational. The same way it takes two to tango, it takes the same amount of people to communicate.


This isn’t only for special people. Yes you might not ever experienced it personally but everyone can do it. Is squirting actually pee? Yes it and not it isn’t. It contains a percentage of urine combined with fluid that comes from the skene gland which is similar to the female prostate. Still want more?   

The morning after pill is 100% safe

Saving us from more  tricky situations than our best friends however believing  that the pill will always work is a risky place to place all your faith. Statistically the morning after pill has a 95% chance of working. Using a condom to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and additionally finding a birth control solution that works well with your body is the safe way to go.


Do you know where your g-spot is? For males your g-spot is your  prostate gland -yes it’s up the anus. Ladies, contrary to popular belief all women do have a g-spot.It just has the tendency to be hard to find for some  - here’s a tip, positions like doggy style, cowgirl, and closed missionary are the best positions to stimulate it.

Drunk consent

If a person is too drunk to say yes or no, it’s not consent. If they said yes earlier but no later, it’s not consent, a person is allowed to change their mind. Consent is a non-negotiable, just respect a person’s wishes

Sexual harassment

The taboo whisper around all offices, however it isn’t only applicable to the work environment. If you make a comment that makes a person feel uncomfortable, touch or look at a person in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable it’s categorised as sexual harassment.

This may seem like information overload but it’s important to know the word on the street. Watch David and Leonora talk about these terms and see the conversations that will unfold. There is power in your social vocabulary, use it wisely.

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