Umuzi leaks first bro-code

The narrative with coding and web development at Umuzi is “full-stack vibes till the death of us.” So front-end/back-end...all ends. This is us.

Sabelo Gumede and Tshehla Nkhi are to spend the next three months (and hopefully more) at HelloComputer kicking ass and earning their stripes as web developers. These are our very first Umuzi coders to jump out of the fat and into the fire and we’re as proud as a teenager with a retweet. But don’t get it twisted, just ‘cause they’re fresh to the fight, doesn’t mean they don’t swing for the cheap seats.

Picture this…walking into the biggest advertising agency in the country on your first day and hitting the ground running. Thing is, that’s the code our boys bleed for, because that’s how we do at the dopest hub in the city.

“I am making things come to life daily. I don’t even care about the nerves” said Sabelo. And that is what HelloComputer expects from its new intakes on a daily.

“It is not as scary as it sounds. I am having so much fun…and there’s sugar” chuckled Tshehla. And if you are an Umuzian, you’d definitely get the sugar reference.

Now this is usually where we gas ourselves up with how dope our peeps are, but we won’t: we let our recruits and their work tell our stories for us. So if you’re in the HelloComputer vicinity, pop in and give our boys an OKAY OKAY...ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, they won’t leave you hanging.

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