Cav some skills

Looking to up your skills to make it in the tech and creative industry? We’re your plug.

Check below for all the best tutorials that our Umuzi Recruits use on the daily to make the amazing work we showcase on ez’Ntswembu.



Nonkulunga Jonas - one of Umuzi’s hottest designers - worked with a liquify tool for the background of this poster.  "This creates a beautiful texture, especially if you want to infuse different layers," says Lunga. Here's the tutorial for this one. 

Next up, she worked on tubing to capture the essence and movement of flow.  This seems tough at first, but once you get the hang if it, it’s too easy. Cav the tutorial here.



Posters are vital for social media ads. We'll show you how to make yours stand out. Take your poster game to the next level with this Photoshop tutorial here

The designer who created this magic is Nokulunga Jonas from Umuzi, and she said, "This disjointed text is a big trend for 2018. Using tutorials is how I learn to up-skill myself and produce dope shit."