Quit. Succeed. Find your flow.

At ez’Ntswembu we celebrate creatives who live in their state of flow - one of our core values alongside real and believing in yourself. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to find that state of flow, this is what it looks like.


Flow is the perfect state of being in-the-zone, the moment when your goal comes together seamlessly to better serve what you’re trying to do, but with all this said - flow is a bastard to attain. Flow is also one of ez’Ntswembu’s values, so we’re always on the look out for those who live the dream of flow down to the final hit.

Ez’ntswembu spoke to three creatives to see how they attain their perfect zen state in the hopes that maybe we can get our shit together too. Our flowmasters are the duo that make up the music collective The Showkas -  musicians Zola with his partner Moulan, and one of our fave Umuzi Alumni the fashionista Thando.

Zola and Moulan agree that in order to reach your flow state, you need to first prepare! Prepare! Prepare! As Zola puts it “How I get into that space is through intense reflection where I block out everything around me and focus on what needs to be done and doing it to the best of my abilities” and Moulan agrees. Her advice is slightly more subtle though, “My ritual is to work hard, practice, and to have as many life experiences as possible to write about”.  So far, we know that in order to reach our flow state we need to be focused!

Thando - on the other hand - believes that the best preparation is throwing yourself into whatever it is you’re trying to do. Being fearless with who you are and the work you’re putting out into the world. With his new line from Ubucwebe coming out soon, we can’t help but believe him. Flow is the state we’re all trying to attain in one way or another and the best way to get started is to just do it! “How do you learn how to code? You Code! How do you learn how to write? You Write!” - @MasitoMzamo

And if you want to be the baddest m*****f***** in the game… you need to throw yourself into the work and just get shit done!

Clayton Bond