THE OTHER SIDE | Presented by #Intsomi | Filmstro & Film Riot One Minute Short Film Competition

We find a guy, Phume, beaten up in what seems like an ally / construction site. He finds a book that he opens with nothing in it. His blood hits the page and he is hurled into a new world on top of a mountain.

We find an armed gunman, dressed like he is from the West. The gunman tells Phume to follow him - Phume is then hooked up to a chair and with the push of a button and the words "I'm sorry" the gunman disappears.

Phume is now dressed in the same way as the gunman was! He finds the book and reads it, showing a fast-forward flash of the terrifying journey the book holds for him.

He ends up on the same mountain as he did before, but with a new visitor...he is faced with the same decision as his predecessor.

The terrifying book always needs a hero...question is, when given the opportunity would you trade places?

Tsholofelo Radbe