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The world as we know it… is a never ending circle. Therefore wouldn’t the virtual world be the same?
Let’s compare… We have people, followers, we eat everyday and post the food online… We even take showers together in the virtual world. What is it that we lack there that we cannot make up for in real life? Maybe life itself? 
Addiction as we know it… is a cycle that comes to an end. To which end that end is, is up to us. 
Does our addiction end us or do we end it? And to what point do we fully admit to being addicted? I mean, how many likes is too many likes? How many pulls is too many pulls? After all, the line between virtual and real life is now blurred. 

Starring: Samkelo Mthimkhulu, Hlengiwe Zwane, Itumeleng Gwangwa

Crew: Moe Molemo, Itumeleng Gwangwa, Kgothatso Malatjie, Hlengiwe Zwane, Shepiro Lephakge, Jason Janse van Rensburg

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