In the time of deadlines, presentations…impressions. In an era of trying to be the best you can be at what you do, if you are lucky enough to have figured it out on time, we find ourselves winging it timelessly with no time to do all of it and even finish it. But what if you could have time? All the time you could ever want and need? What would you make of it? And moments? Which ones will you seize?

But what if you didn’t know which moment to seize? Or if you had the power or the tool to seize moments? What if, with all the time you had to do everything, you spent it thinking about how to do something? Who would you call for help? Would you call for help? From where?

Reality is…as cliche as it sounds…Time waits for no man, and in reality, we need somebody to lean on, push us in the direction...help us. We all need a little push, or a hand to hold while walking through trials and times.

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