Skill of the future: UX Design

User Experience also known as UX is about understanding the user how a user solves a problem and then giving them what they need to solve it. At Umuzi we believe that no matter what department you’re in, you need to know a bit about UX.


1. User Research

I’ll say it again RE-MOTHERFUCKEN-SEARCH! Information is the basis of smart decision making so a basic understanding of your core demographic is important. Needless to say that this basic understanding should always be backed by credible data. Like my homie Hov said “numbers don’t lie check the scoreboard.”

2. Buyer personas

Now that you’ve gathered your information about your core demographic what you’ll have to do is to create a fictitious personality based on the intel. These will guide your thinking in knowing what to create based on your users’ needs. Here you begin to pose important questions such as “when will our user click here?” or “what is our user trying to accomplish?”

3. Wireframes

Once you know who your users are and what your users want, map out your idea on paper before you go digital. This could be in the form of wireframes for apps and websites, or storyboards and scamps for multimedia and design. This step is crucial and will save you time, money and a whole lot of energy.

4. User testing

Be a stalker to your user. By finding out how your user interacts with your product you get to see where moments of friction occur, how that makes them feel as well as what habits may come out from the process. This is how you get your stamp of approval from your user.

5. Implement

Now that you’ve come up with an idea to help your users, built a prototype and tested it, it’s now time to implement it. Here you’ll call on all your resources to help you develop the product. This is why knowing a bit about UX design is so important to all departments because you’ll all need to be speaking the same language and understand the process of UX.

Thing about UX Design is that it is relevant across all departments and all industries. From banks like Absa to the creative industry like VML, if your UX game isn’t on lock, you’ll be overtaken by the machines faster than you can say “Hey Siri…”

Check out these great beginners guide to UX Design. Grab a cup of coffee, plug your headphones in and enjoy.

Here’s a free course from Skills Share on conducting smart user research:

And here’s a tutorial for beginners

UX design tutorial for beginners. Easy to understand UX design tutorial, no jargon.

Clayton Bond