Creative thinking is not just for creatives

What if you had a creative superpower that you could summon whenever you need to come up with a great idea? Cav this, we want to show you how to be a creative thinker ready to knock any problem out the fucking park. We’re gonna show you how we do it here at Umuzi with a few easy steps…


Let’s start with a game 

Look for an object that starts with the first letter of your name and another with the first letter of your last name. Combine the two objects and draw them.  For me, I’m Zizi Bam… so let’s see what that comes out as…

Zebra for Zizi + Box for Bam = Zebra in a box.

Wtf, a zebra in a box?

Yup, you have to access your creative superhero’s world where zebras do live in boxes. Get rid of that “Self-doubt Monster” talking shit in your ear. Find your freedom through play where your fate lies completely in the hands of the game.

So now what?

Now, ask yourself, how would a Zebra in Box solve your problem? It might feel weird at first, but solving problems this way forces your brain to be creative, to have fun and not to hold you back.

Set your scene for brainstorming

Ideating requires an open mind so move away from the problem. No, seriously get up and go wherever inspiration flows. Let your five senses guide you to go ham with ideas, don’t hold back. The crazier the idea, the better. Embrace the obvious ones too, until you reach that golden idea. 

Add a little grit

The Self-doubt Monster will try to fuck with you again and make you feel like you’re not adventurous enough. Sleep on your ideas and document your dream when you wake up. The point is to listen to your sub-conscience mind.  

Check in with yourself

Ask yourself, “if this, then why not that?” 

“If that, then what could go wrong?”

Push your creative thinking limits, ideate for problems you might encounter after implementing your idea. 

Creative thinking is a super power that lives in all of us, because you are the superhero the world has been waiting for.

Need some further resources?

Get your creative juices flowing with these games and exercises from the Session Lab library.

There’s more, cav this TED talk on Creativity and Play.

Happy creative creating!


Clayton Bond