Social Media Marketing

Using flyers and posters to promote your business is old school. Now we use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to do just that but better. That’s social media marketing. The audience you’d reach within an hour of sending out flyers is what you’ll reach within a minute of sending out one social media post.

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Social Media Marketing:

  1. Is faster than word of mouth

  2. Increases brand awareness

  3. Connects you to your clients (old and new)

  4. Helps you build a digital voice

All in all, this means more coin in your bank account. social media marketing is content-driven, so every single thing you post needs to be cool but also have purpose. Here’s a checklist for every time you post to make sure you’re getting the most out your social media.

  • Post consistently but don’t spam your friends’ and followers’ news feeds.

  • Use #relevant #hashtags

  • Post interesting and relevant content  (Don't post pictures of bricks when you should be posting a photoshoot you just art directed)

  • Try post more videos than photos

  • Quality should be considered, but don’t get hung up on making things too beautiful

  • Content is visually appealing and makes sense

  • Respond to comments (people want to feel engaged)

Once you learn the ins and outs of social media marketing and you’ve mastered using it for your business, you can offer this to other businesses as an added skill. Cha-ching!

Check these links out for online courses on the specific social media platforms:

  1. Twitter Flight School:

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  3. Instagram:

Clayton Bond