Social media. Could you survive without it?

What do you do when they take away your phone? SCREAM!!

That is exactly what our three creatives have been doing over the past four days. With the only digital connection beyond the numpad keyboard of the R150 PEP bought-phone, the boredom is real.

Their fingertips are itching to scroll and tap that post, share and tweet button on the glass of their smartphones, now collecting dust. They have been forced to other recreational activities. Youtube, Pinterest and Facebook a click away where do does one find the inspiration to create? You’d be surprised how many books are being read.

But for real though…

We gave three creatives the chance to see how much they can do without their social media. How much better they would feel, how much more work they can produce and is the connection really good for them? Seven days off, one ‘tamagochi’ as their only means of communication which is soon to be followed by a full week of being completely connected.

Social experiment they said, it will be fun they said. Was it really?

Clayton Bond