Life beyond your screen | The real way to gain followers

We’ve stayed offline and had to make do with phones with as many features as your Grade 6 calculator and we’ve been online till we couldn’t take another hashtag. Why you ask? It was all part of an experiment to answer the question we all need answered: which is better? Is each converse really good for our health? Multitasking seems like the most viable solution but the age old myth is nothing but a nice word for lack of focus. Missed the process? Click here for our two weeks of heaven and hell .

Your heart races and even your favorite song turns into an annoying elevator jingle when your phone vibrates on the table. According to studies, getting notifications increases dopamine levels which is why the overuse of social media has been equated to a drug addiction, well that’s not the only reason and it’s not all happy hormones coursing through your veins...with That magical notification carries with it the anxiety to keep up. The world is smaller but even bigger and on the opposite spectrum the silence seems everlasting and empty.

The answer however is never as easy as quitting. In our quest to conquer our devices we discovered that it doesn’t matter how hard we tried, creatives can’t be disconnected digitally, however, the future of our craft depends on it. Learning and inspiration is almost as abundant as cat videos online. We need the inspiration, we need the social media numbers, we need to be seen by the right people and we need to perfect the craft in the meantime. So in the hope of having our digital prayers answered we NEEDED to get all the facts. If we employed the same strategy we use online in the real world would the results be different?  On that note we took our work and set up a public exhibition of ourselves in the form of an Instagram page. Despite the genuine interaction we received from the public almost everyone asked for your social media handles.

They say the answers come in mysterious ways and our results were congruent. The time off gave us mental peace and the urge to be productive, but didn't do much for our klout, which if you don’t know by know is vital for a young creative. It all boils down to this: be offline to work on your craft and online to promote your brand.  Take care of your digital wellbeing.

Clayton Bond